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Energy Security is National Security

Beam Renewable Energy, LLC is a project development company focused on utility scale (1MW and above) solar photovoltaic, biomass, green hydrogen/green ammonia, and waste-to-energy renewable energy projects in the South and Southeastern regions of North America.


We are committed to the idea that renewable energy in all its forms is a key part of America's balanced energy future.


As a Veteran-owned Small Business, we are acutely aware of the need to reduce our nation's reliance on imported sources of energy. 


This is the vision driving our company forward.


Our mission is to develop the best projects with the most cost-effective renewable energy technologies available. 


We will work closely with all our local stakeholders to design and deploy low-impact, "bankable" systems that add value to the local community through job creation.


We welcome inquiries and new project ideas.  Contact us here


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